• I feel like an idiot for not using Tailwind CSS until now.

    Ryan Florence
    Remix & React Training
  • If I had to recommend a way of getting into programming today, it would be HTML + CSS with Tailwind CSS.

    Guillermo Rauch
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  • There’s one thing that sucks about @tailwindcss - once you’ve used it on a handful of projects it is a real pain in the ass to write normal CSS again.

    Graeme Houston
    JavaScript Developer
  • Okay, I’m officially *all* in on the @tailwindcss hype train. Never thought building websites could be so ridiculously fast and flexible.

    Aaron Bushnell
    Programmer @ TrendyMinds
  • Have been working with CSS for over ten years and Tailwind just makes my life easier. It is still CSS and you use flex, grid, etc. but just quicker to write and maintain.

    Debbie O'Brien
    Head of Learning @ Nuxt.js
  • Okay, @tailwindcss just clicked for me and now I feel like a #!@%&$% idiot.

    Ken Wheeler
    React Engineer
  • I've been using @tailwindcss the past few months and it's amazing. I already used some utility classes before, but going utility-first... this is the way.

    Jad Limcaco
  • After finally getting to use @tailwindcss on a real client project in the last two weeks I never want to write CSS by hand again. I was a skeptic, but the hype is real.

    Luke Redpath
    Ruby & iOS Developer
  • I didn't think I was going to like @tailwindcss... spent a day using it for a POC, love it! I wish this had been around when we started our company design system, seriously considering a complete rebuild

    Jon Bloomer
    Front-End Developer
  • @tailwindcss looked unpleasant at first, but now I’m hooked on it.

    Andrew Gilliland
    Front-End Developer